Former Ambassador of the Republic of Moldova to Estonia Victor Guzun joins the #FightForEllene campaign

Olesea Nastas and Victor Guzun

Victor Guzun, the former Moldovan Ambassador to Estonia, who arrived in Chisinau for a few days, has joined the #FightForEllene campaign. The marathon campaign started a few days ago at the initiative of lawyer Olesea Nastas and it will last until April 18, writes

Thus, on Sunday, 27 March, Victor Guzun and Olesea Nastas invite everyone, who wants to support the crowdfunding campaign dedicated entirely to Elena Mocrii, a photographer diagnosed with acute leukemia, to a long run on the Chisinau – Măgdăceşti route. We would like to remind you that this initiative is part of the marathon, which Olesea Nastas will run and which is intended to raise the amount of 3,000 euros for Ellene Mocrii.

The supporters will start at 6:00 AM, from the Circus in Chisinau (bd. Grigore Vieru, 7) to the village of Magdacesti.

At the end of the run, everyone, who will manage to catch “A Sunrise for Elena”, is invited to have tea with Mr. Guzun’s family in Magdacesti, the diplomat’s native village.

News March 2016

I’ve caught the sunrise after Stauceni and dedicated it to Elena.”

When many people of vast souls gather together, good thoughts kind of multiply. They move beyond time and space. All the vigour, positive thoughts and vitality of some runners go to Ellene Mocrii today through the Chisinau-Magdacesti running race. The initiative came from lawyer Olesea Nastas on, and Victor Guzun, the former Moldovan ambassador to Estonia, joined her. They ran in support of our colleague, photographer Ellene Mocrii diagnosed with acute leukemia.

“We met in front of the Circus at a quarter to six. It was dark, because that night we switched to the daylight-saving time. Because not all those, who had clicked going on the event page, arrived, we decided to wait for ten minutes. Thus, at 6:10 we started. I caught the sunrise after Stauceni and dedicated it to Elena. In Cricova, we made the #FightForEllene group photo and we went on”, Olesea Nastas tells to

Victor Guzun, the former Moldovan ambassador to Estonia, enthusiastically joined this noble event and proposed that Magdacesti – his native village be the final destination. He made a small excursion into the past, present and future of the village and guided the team of runners on a route from the village so that they could make a general and objective impression about Magdacesti.

“When we arrived, Mr. Guzun’s family awaited us at breakfast: with pies, herbal tea and jam. We talked, exchanged impressions, sent a warm thought to Elena and her family, shook hands as real comrades, hugged each other and returned to Chisinau”, Olesea Nastas, the initiator of this race, adds.

Special thanks to Mr. Aurel Cepoi, who printed the pictures and presented a framed photo to Elena (it was the only one left from the charity event he had organized shortly before).

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