A summary of the video-live interview for Pro TV Chisinau

She is 27 years old, she is mother of two children, a blogger and a future attorney-at-law. Get to know Olesea Nastas, the woman who shows us that you can succeed if you want – VIDEO. 

Olesea Nastas is 27, she is mother of two children, the author of the EDREPT blog, and yet these are not her main occupations.

E-DREPT is a blog with the claim to be a platform of legal relevance. However, it does not contain objective analyzes, but rather in-house writings. They contain information about both the Moldovan law system and the foreign one. In this regard, Olesea says: “The blog is an extension of a passion, it’s not my basic activity”.

The blog is an extension of a passion, it’s not my basic activity”.

Olesea is not a lawyer yet, but she wants to get a license in this field. “To know what you want, you have to try this. I believe that the field in which I succeed is still to come. I have not plied journalism, but I’m interested in it. It’s something that attracts me”, she says.

About her marriage at a young age, she says, “It was early, it was not a premeditated or thoughtful step. I was in the relationship with my current husband. On my birthday, I was proposed marriage. Soon we’ll have the 10th wedding anniversary …

At this time I have understood that I’m not the kind of woman to stay at home, although I’m a traditionalist and I like cooking …

I have understood that you succeed if you want it a lot”.

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